Strengthening traceability to meet market demand

Electronic traceability enables efficient tracking and reporting of catches to meet regulatory and market data demands.
National Fisher's Co-op Belize


Belize City, Belize


Frozen lobster tails & conch






Some 500 fish harvester-members deliver artisanal catches to the Co-op’s plant which processes,freezes and boxes the product for export to the U.S.and Asia. Tracing each box back to its harvesters and fishing zones was almost impossible, given the need to mix the small catches into larger batches for efficient processing.Each box would be hand-labelled. A complex handwritten ledger was maintained to track incoming boxes and outgoing shipments. Conducting inventory checks was time consuming and error prone as each box needed to be manually counted.With undersized lobster being illegally traded by some exporters, the Co-op needed to streng thenits own traceability to prove its commitment to sustainability and improve its reporting to government


The Co-op, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, introduced Tally to enable a granular level of traceability that was impossible with handwritten labels and paper ledgers. Catches are now digitally tracked into holding tanks and production lots. The products are then boxed and QR coded, which are then placed into master cases and labelled with another traceable QR code. A Tally dashboard enables a real-time view into the Co-op’s cold storage inventory. Boxes are eventually scanned out into shipping containers for export.The Co-op can now trace each inner box back to its harvesters, fishing zone and catch method.Tally enables the Co-op to easily provide digital reports on all its catches to the government,facilitating improved fisheries management. Impressed with their commitment, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries publicly congratulated the Co-op on their pioneering efforts for the fisheries sector in Belize.

Tally increases our efficiency and improves time management. It betters our accountability and transparency, preparing us for new market demands and more stringent traceability.

Paulino Rodriguez, chairperson NFC Belize



4 staff


1 Tally server
2 Label printers
2 Scanners
4 Tablets

Tally Stations (26)

6 Production
20 Quality control

Dashboards (2)


Reports (31)

Belize Fisheries Department
Food safety


Strengthening traceability
Granular traceability back to harvesters, fishing zones and catch methods
Improving inventory control
Real-time tracking each box via label printers, QR codes and scanners
Saving managers time
Reduced data errors and efficient reporting at the click of a buttom
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