Simple to use. Easy to configure.

Automate workflows with electronic scales, barcode printers, scanners and other hardware. Monitor live dashboards. Quickly run customized reports.

Data Collection

Collect data in real-time on the factory floor using mobile devices.
Digitize production, quality control and traceability data using tablets on the factory floor. Tally is super easy to use with minimal training. Quickly configure it for complex or simple workflows.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly design
  • Buttons and drop-down menus for quick, standardized data entry
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Timestamps and usernames validate data entries
  • Manage employee access for security


Integrate industrial hardware and sensors to automate data collection.
Label printers. Barcode scanners. Electronic weigh scales. Temperature gauges. Tally can be integrate with off-the-shelf hardware to automate data collection to save time and reduce data errors.
  • Connect digital scales to automate weight inputs
  • Scan barcoded labels to quickly input data
  • Connect wireless networked printers for labelling and receipting
  • Automated calculations for yields or lag times prevent manual errors


Monitor live dashboards to strengthen process control.
Real-time dashboards automatically update with new data entries. Tally can be configured to visually display data in bar, line, pie, area and other charts.
  • Set data ranges or thresholds to create visual alerts for non-compliance
  • Data tables provide additional detail for each dashboard
  • Filter dashboards by lots, dates or other variables


Customize reports and automate calculations to save time.
Managers often spend hours each day manually assembling data and preparing reports. Tally can be configured with customized reports pulling data from multiple processes into complex calculations.
  • Download report data in CSV format
  • Customized reports are programmed using SQL queries
  • Print custom formatted PDF reports
  • Verify reports with timestamps and digital signatures


Send and receive data between your ERP, accounting and other software.
Seafood businesses are increasingly digitizing more of their operations. Tally can be integrated with other enterprise software to seamlessly share data such as customer and supplier lists, purchase orders, costing, and so on.
  • Sync master lists such as products, suppliers and customers with other enterprise software
  • Send digital reports from Tally to ERP or accounting software
  • APIs (application programming interfaces) enable software integrations

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analytics and automation is set to disrupt the seafood industry.
In collaboration with industry partners and research universities, ThisFish is pioneering artificial intelligence in the seafood industry. New AI apps, called Tallybots, will enable predictive analytics and automation.
  • Tallybot enables predictive analytics and process automation
  • Tallybot can be configured with complex algorithms with multiple variables
  • Machine learning algorithms enable Tallybot to get smarter and smarter


Meet market and regulatory demand for blockchain and traceability data standards.
A growing number of businesses are committing to new traceability data standards such as the Global Dialogue for Seafood Traceability. Tally can be configured to comply with various standards and integrate with blockchain technology.
  • APIs (application programming interfaces) enable integrations with other platforms
  • Send data to new blockchain platforms for supply chain transparency
  • Send electronic reports to government for efficient compliance

Business Intelligence

Use advanced analytics to discover new insights and trends in your data with TallyBI.
TallyBI is a premium feature that enables you to analyze and visualize your large datasets to uncover business insights on your costs, production, quality and more.
  • Run incredibly fast queries on large datasets with dynamic filters to generate new business insights
  • Build custom dashboards to visualize data and trends for production, QC and other departments
  • Store critical information on a secure duplicated database in the cloud for additional assurance

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