Digital Workflow Platform

Tally is an all-in-one solution for digitizing seafood workflows: production, costing, sales, inventory, quality control and more.

Digitize and automate to cut labour costs

Digitize and automate data collection using tablet computers and IoT devices on the factory floor. Tally is easy to use and quick to configure for complex or simple workflows.

Data Collection Forms

Tally can be easily customized to generate and link data collection forms for many types of workflows.

  • User-friendly forms make data entry quick and easy.
  • Connect data among departments to eliminate redundant data entry.
  • Check and validate data entries to reduce errors.

Automated Reporting

TallyBI is our business intelligence (BI) module that enables you to monitor, analyze and report on your data.

  • Generate electronic and PDF reports to eliminate time-consuming paperwork and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Share reports to accounting or ERP software to eliminate manual data entry and errors.
  • Dynamically filter, sort and search your data for insights and trends.

Hardware Integrations

TallyHub is an ultra-small, industrial computer used to connect IoT (Internet of Things) devices to automate data collection.

  • Integrate off-the-shelf hardware such as printers, scanners and weigh scales.
  • Upload label templates to meet your customers’ unique requirements.
  • Integrate temperature sensors to monitor your cold chain.

Software Integrations

Tally can be integrated with accounting, ERP and other enterprise software to securely and seamlessly share data.

  • Sync master lists such as products, suppliers and customers with other software.
  • Send digital reports from Tally to ERP or accounting software.
  • APIs (application programming interfaces) enable robust integrations.

Enable real-time inventory, process and cost control

Tally enables you to visualize and analyze your data in real-time through dashboards, reports and notifications that will make you feel in control.

Real-time Inventory

Tally includes an advanced inventory module that enables you to keep track of multiple inventories.

  • QR code and scan your inventory items.
  • Monitor dynamic inventory levels as products are produced and shipped
  • Create alerts when inventory levels run low or FIFO (first-in, first-out) rules are broken.


TallyBI is our business intelligence module that includes dynamic data visualizations.

  • Display data in bar, line, pie, area and other charts.
  • Set ranges and thresholds to create visual alerts for incidents.
  • Calculate yields, productivity, mass balance and costing in real-time.

SMS & Email Notifications

Tally includes customized notifications so you know immediately when incidents occur or tasks are completed.

  • Trigger email and SMS alerts for critical quality and safety incidents.
  • Automate advance shipping notifications when shipments are completed.
  • Customize messages for incidents and corrective actions

Strengthen traceability and compliance

Tally offers best-in-class traceability, data validation and document management to ensure that you comply with new stricter rules from governments and certifiers.

Electronic Traceability

Traceability is at the heart of Tally, ensuring raw materials are tracked to finished product for food safety, chain-of-custody and costing.

  • Full traceability from raw material to finished products
  • Easily track splitting and merging of traceable lots
  • Securely share data with customers using TallyTrace mobile app

Data Validation

Tally uses several technologies to improve data quality from APIs and automation to artificial intelligence.

  • Integrated with MSC Validation Tool to check certificate status.
  • Real-time data validations reduce errors and non-compliance.
  • Automate supplier checks against IUU vessel lists.

Compliance & Interoperability

Tally follows best practices for the latest traceability, chain-of-custody and auditing standards.

  • Default settings comply with the GDST standard for key data elements.
  • Upload and manage compliance documents and images.
  • Improve compliance for E.U. catch certificates, SIMP rules and the FDA’s new FSMA 204 rule
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