Revolutionizing quality control

Cameras and computer vision technology are generating unprecedented precision and accuracy in seafood inspection.

Continuous, automated inspection

Automate product quality checks with cutting-edge computer vision technology. Continuously inspect your processing by capturing images of each fish fillet. TallyVision accurately classifies them by size, colour and five types of defects.

  • Activate inspections for raw material lots or work orders
  • Monitor results on real-time dashboards for problems
  • View sample images of fillets by defects type

Precision & Accuracy

Measure size

TallyVision counts and measures the size of each fish fillet and the severity of defects.

Classify colour

TallyVision classifies fillets according to SalmoFan’s 14-point colour scale. Other colour scales can be used for different species.

Detect defects

TallyVision detects five types of defects: gaping, trenching, bruising, softness and inoculation scarring.

Unparalleled real-time insights

TallyVision analyzes each fish fillet by size, colour and defects and then delivers the real-time data to TallyBI, an advanced analytics platform. Monitor your production with data unparalleled in its detail, precision and accuracy.

  • Visualize data in charts and graphs
  • Filter data by date, supplier, lot or work order
  • Analyze quality trends by supplier over time
  • Generate detailed inspection reports with sample images

Learn more about how TallyVision can enhance your quality control results and provide you with detailed analytics. Watch our 2-minute Tally Teaser.

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