How Artificial Intelligence is going to disrupt seafood processing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is part of our daily lives from facial recognition to Amazon’s delivery algorithms. Even traditional industries, such as agriculture, are using weather, satellite and soil data to train algorithms to optimize crop yields.

Originally held on September 21st, 2022 at

So how is AI going to disrupt seafood? Because of the natural variability of fish, seafood producers often find it difficult to predict quality and production outcomes, such as yields. As it turns out, that’s a perfect problem for artificial intelligence which can help the industry become more predictable and profitable.

In this webinar, you learn:

  • What is artificial intelligence and how it is used for prediction, automation and classification?
  •  What are its current use cases and cutting-edge research in seafood processing?
  • How to prepare your company to take advantage of AI and digital transformation

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