Our mission is to improve profitability and sustainability in the seafood industry through digitization, traceability and innovation.

We are a global leader in seafood traceability software and artificial intelligence that reduces costs, strengthens process control and improves compliance in supply chains. Our goal is to improve the social, environmental and financial sustainability of global seafood.

Fishing is one of the last vestiges of our hunter-gather origins, making the seafood industry one of the world’s oldest professions. Its legacy stretches back tens of thousands of years.

We are committed to helping bring this ancient industry into the Digital Age to ensure it will continue to feed generations to come.


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Our Core Values

Our values are ROCC solid: Respect, Ownership, Curiosity and Collaboration — we are committed to living these values in everything we do

Respect ensures a happy, productive workplace, fosters diverse and even dissenting opinions, and builds trust.
Ownership means taking initiative, being self-motivated and striving for excellence in everything you do.
Curiosity empowers us to courageously ask questions, creatively solve problems and build disruptive innovations.
Collaboration focuses us on a common purpose, generates more inclusive solutions and empowers us to change the world.

Our Team

We are a globally distributed, multicultural team originally from nine different countries (and counting!). We believe a diversity of cultures and experiences makes us stronger and generates more inclusive and lasting solutions.


At ThisFish, you’ll meet exceptional teammates, impactful work and amazing learning opportunities from cutting-edge data science to software engineering and supply chain traceability.

We’re always looking to work with luminaries all over the world. Sounds like you or someone you’d like to be?



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