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Keeping your catch certificates and production images organized is a challenge. See how Tally uses easy file uploading and linking to rid you of your labyrinth of folders, directories and so on.
Keeping your catch certificates and production images organized is a challenge.
Considerable portions of the seafood industry are still bound to sluggish and confusing pen-and-paper data recording methods, Tally can solve that problem.
Reduce human error, increase data accuracy and rest assured with TallyBot's smart and automated calculations for your lots and installations.
ThisFish is launching a new computer vision technology to revolutionize quality inspection in the modern seafood processing sector.
"Fish Price Index hits historic high in 2022, up 81% since 1990 vs 46% decline in tech costs.

Understanding how Tally works is actually quite easy, seeing for yourself is even easier.

Checking whether a fishery, supplier or product has a valid MSC certificate has just gotten a lot easier.
It's well-established that some key industries are lagging behind when it comes to digitization - seafood is no exception.
ThisFish Inc. has launched the world’s most extensive online directory of software, AI and blockchain tech.

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