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BC Trade & Invest: Seafood Traceability Q&A with our CEO and Co-Founder
Raised in the commercial fishing industry, Eric Enno Tamm is now bringing this ancient industry into the digital age.
AI Guide
Online marketplaces diversifying wholesale, fostering supply chain collaboration
The pandemic disrupted supply chains and drove many seafood businesses online for the first time to sell directly to consumers.
AI Guide
Data verification and advanced analytics driving competition among traceability tech providers
Recent supply chain woes, and of course, the pandemic have driven the push towards better traceability systems.
AI Guide
Globally scaling fishery electronic monitoring with AI
Fisheries have increasingly started to employ AI-powered electronic monitoring routines. Though are much slower at adopting.
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AI Guide
Tracking AI’s explosive growth in aquaculture
Aquaculture has seen a remarkable explosion in innovation in a short period. Half of the software apps were launched recently.
ROI Guide
The emotional benefits of going digital
Feelings are likely the last thing that captains of the seafood industry think about when considering digital transformation.
ROI Guide
Growing revenue through e-commerce
Seafood companies that proactively respond to these seismic shifts will reap rewards in the form of increased customer loyalty,
ROI Guide
The cost of doing nothing
Doing nothing can have an “opportunity cost.” For seafood companies, it can stymie revenue growth.
ROI Guide
Managing material costs in seafood
One mega-trend which seems to be a key driver for the digital transformation: the relative price of fish has gone up.
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