Tally software verified as “GDST capable” to share traceability data

GDST Capability Test Verification Certificate

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At a reception at Seafood Expo North America in Boston on March 11, the Global Dialogue for Seafood Traceability (GDST) announced that ThisFish’s Tally software passed their “capability test,” meaning Tally is capable of collecting their standard’s minimum key data elements and is capable of sharing that data through their interoperable EPCIS format.

ThisFish also formally joined the GDST as a paid partner and member of their Technical Council.

The GDST was established in 2017 as an international, business-to-business platform responding to the need for a shared, common language for supply chain traceability to address ethical, responsible, and sustainable seafood supply. Through a series of dialogues, the traceability data standard was launched in March 2020.

A growing number of supply chain operators, especially retailers and food service providers, are requiring that their suppliers send traceability data that adheres to the GDST’s data and interoperability standard. There are currently nine technology providers that have been verified as GDST capable.

ThisFish Inc. is now developing “middleware” that will make it even easier for our customers to convert their Tally production and shipping data into the proper events-based EPCIS format for sharing in the supply chain.

Seafood processors and supply chain operations that are using Tally are asked to contact ThisFish Inc. directly if they are interested to have their Tally system configured and tested against the newest GDST capability test.


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