Global Dialogue for Seafood Traceability

Some 40 global seafood companies along with major environmental groups and certification bodies have endorsed the new GDST Data Standard 1.0. 

ThisFish has set the default configuration in its software to meet these global standards which will help to “future proof” our customers as there is more demand for digital supply chain data.

The GDST standards have two main parts:

  1. Key Data Elements: The standards identify the minimum data elements that need to be documented and transmitted within GDST-compliant seafood supply chains, covering both wild-capture and aquaculture products.
  2. Technical Formats: The standards govern the technical formats and nomenclatures for sharing data among interoperable traceability systems.

GDST 1.0 is built as an extension of the international traceability standard known as GS1 EPCIS, which is widely used by major retailers, brands and supply chains.

The GDST has refined and adapted the EPCIS standard for the seafood industry and included innovations that allow companies to integrate with GS1-based systems without making commercial commitments to use proprietary GS1 traceability solution products. For more information, visit GDST’s website.

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