Photo and file uploading in Tally

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The seafood industry relies on large volumes of documents: catch certificates, manifests, labels, photographs and even visual quality control images; showing defects or irregularities with your product.

Organizing them becomes difficult as the volume of documents scales up. Traditionally, complex documents begets complex manners of organizing them. Folders become mazes and documents hard to find or share.

Tally changes that.

Imagine needing to add various catch certificates to a product lot. With Tally, you can easily attach your documents with a simple file upload, linking it to your lots throughout the chain of custody.

Conversely, you may also need to document some internal processes such as quality control or labeling compliance. Both can easily be added through Tally’s in-app file uploader, and linked to the appropriate lots or items.

Tally’s already reduces your paper and streamlines your calculations. With file and image uploads, Tally will further help you drive efficiency and cut costs.


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