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vCatch/vTrack (Visma)

vCatch is an integrated application for electronic logbooks. It’s an easy-to-use tool with a powerful database designed to be used by fisheries authorities for catch effort registration.

Catch effort has been registered for many years with paper logbooks aboard the fishing vessels. Much manpower on the vessels and at the authorities has been used to manually fill in forms and afterwards typing the information into data processing applications. With vCatch the manual writing and re-typing are eliminated along with most errors and misreadings.

vCatch consists of an on-board fishing vessel module and the module at the fisheries authority. They can be used separately, but the advantages of having a single system are truly leveraged when both modules are used.

vCatch has a large number of predefined fields and data types and can be customized to country specific requirements as needed. vCatch gives all user groups a number of unique advantages that makes it interesting to use the system. With an unique ease of use, vCatch has been designed to benefit all stakeholders.

The Electronic Logbook Saves Time
Catch effort registration starts aboard the fishing vessels. For each trip, the logbook has to be filled according to a number of rules.

The fishermen are guided through filling in the logbooks. vCatch has logical steps and default values that reduce or eliminate doubts and errors.

When the departure information and fishing gear have been entered into the system, you only have to register each haul and fish caught. This can be done as many times as necessary. On the way back to the harbour the landing information and finally the landing declaration are filled in.

As an added value to the fishermen other messages are also included in the vCatch system. Hail messages, zone changes, harbour arrival messages, and more are registered in the same application and sent to the authorities, making life much easier for the fishermen.

vCatch requires the installation of a little application on a PC. The existing satellite transceivers can be used for data transmission.

Logbook data is transmitted from the vessel to the server using either Inmarsat-C or internet connection. When using Inmarsat-C connection the users benefit from a unique compression ratio of 90 %, that reduces the transmission cost significantly.

Real Time Fleet Management
Owners of multiple vessels get an unique overview. They see exactly what is on-board each of their individual fishing vessels. The information is updated immediately after each new catch has been entered into the electronic logbook.

Organizations that control many vessels are able to compare them. They compare the efficiency of each fishing position, plan trans-shipments if necessary and much more.

Monitor the exclusive economic fishing zones (EEZ) of your state. Take advantage of an effective, accessible and easy-to-learn vessel monitoring system using GPS and satellite technology.

vTrack is an efficient and well-proven system for fisheries authorities. It shows accurate positions and data from fishing vessels and share them with a number of recipients in real time. Loss or poor handling of this data is not only costly, it is unacceptable.

Effective Users
vTrack is optimized for ease of use and fast learning for all user groups of your authority. They need to do their work fast and efficient.

Users on shore have real-time access to the system. They can see which vessels might enter the harbour on a given day. With this information it is easier to determine which vessels may require a closer look and plan an inspection.

You can decide which groups of users are needed and assign relevant rights. Typical groups are employees on shore, patrol vessels at sea, neighbouring countries and fisheries authorities. The number of users or user groups is unlimited and included in the server price.

vTrack is designed with special attention to the users. We regularly invite the customers to workshops, to get their input on how we can make vTrack even better.

Real-time VMS Data via Satellite
Inspectors aboard patrol vessels have exactly the same access to the system as users stationed at the harbour. Patrol vessel users connect via satellite with minimal loss in response time due to the system’s optimization for slow connections.

Knowing the actual and former positions of all relevant vessels in a certain area is crucial in order to plan and optimize the time spent on inspections at sea.

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vCatch/vTrack (Visma)
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