Digitize data collection in real-time on the factory floor.

Tally works well with various end-to-end workflows in your factory. Explore how features such as artificial intelligence and cost accounting help you stay compliant and accountable and see how Tally’s features play together.

Asset Management

Print unique barcode labels for your assets and track their location whether they are fixed office equipment or mobile logistics units, such as bins or totes, for deliveries. Create a comprehensive asset inventory including serial numbers, purchase dates, condition and repair history.

Sales Orders

Digitization ensures that sales staff have accurate, real-time data on stock levels to ensure that when sales are made they can be fulfilled by production and logistic departments.

Lab Testing

Digitizing your sampling and lab testing will ensure that real-time results can be immediately shared with all relevant departments to ensure timely release or blocking of raw material and finished products in your cold storage or warehouse.

Cold Chain Monitoring

TallyTag is a wireless, remote temperature sensor that enables you to monitor the cold chain of your cold storage, production facility, shipping containers and delivery vehicles. It’s a flexible, scalable solution.


Feel smarter and more in control with real-time data and automated reports

Quality Control

Feel trusted and more confident in your data for HACCP compliance, audits and recalls.

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