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XpertSea leverages AI technology, machine learning and computer vision to help farmers modernize their operations and boost profits by providing access to valuable production insights.

Smart tools for smarter farming

Our patented AI technology delivers actionable production insights that help farmers grow healthier and more profitable shrimp.

About XpertSea

We’re an aquaculture innovation and solutions company on a quest to build a better and more sustainable global aquaculture industry.

What we do

We leverage machine learning and big data to help shrimp farmers modernize their operations and boost profits through valuable production insights.

By empowering farmers, we aim to turn the $30B global shrimp market into a sustainable, transparent, and respected industry that we can all feel good about – from pond to plate.

Our investors

We’re backed by forward-thinking, high-profile investors who believe in the importance of disrupting and modernizing the aquaculture industry.

They also, like us, believe that this transformation will pave the way for new opportunities across the supply chain – giving them a unique opportunity to invest in a future that joins both profits and sustainability.

Our technology

We could have simply built a product, but we needed an ecosystem.

IoT platform
Measurement technologies are the future of emerging industries, and we are proud to be spearheading that revolution in the aquaculture space.

At the core of our IoT platform is the Acquisition server, a daemon develop and optimized in C++. Interfacing high precision sensors through drivers and libraries, this server contains an embedded computer vision module that can run complex machine learning models. It exposes an API using websockets which can be used to control the device, locally or remotely.

Our devices are powered by Android and we leverage several out-of-the-box functionalities. This means we support most modern communications protocols and are able to push over-the-air updates.

Data platform
We’re building the foundation of the first and largest aquaculture data source, a technological powerhouse that can be put to work to solve big problems.

SaaS platform
The SaaS platform is our customer-facing solution. A place to monitor daily information, and catch a glimpse of the future. Our Software-as-a-Service platform is composed of every client, web app and tool that consumes data from the Data platform. This includes mobile ReactNative applications developed for Android/iOS and our React web application. The Cloudfront Content Delivery Network serves up our web app, which retrieves its data from our serverless APIs on AWS.

Machine learning
Machine learning is a powerful but complex beast. It can be overwhelming at times. We try to automate the boring parts and concentrate on building value.

We see DevOps as a process of continuous improvement. Every minute invested has a compounding impact. The more you put in, the more you get out.

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