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Founded in 2007, we are a team of highly-skilled and dedicated, specialist software developers, electronic and mechanical engineers developing and manufacturing live cameras, AI hardware and Satellite communication systems from the ground up.

The result is a high-definition image capturing, processing, transmission and analytics system that has caught the attention of television broadcasters, weather reporters, fishing companies, construction companies, airports, tourism organisations, governments and NGOs from all over the globe.

Along the way we’ve discovered that our vision is not just about the camera; its also about our innovations in state-of-the-art electronics, AI, software, power management, storage, communications, GPS based tracking systems and Satellite communications. Our end to end innovation is well recognised and we are the recipients of numerous industry awards for our work and business practices.

SnapIT partners with organisations to ensure your images are delivered in an effortless way to the audience, helping you to get on with your work effectively, while we focus on distributing those images of the world, to the world.

SnapIT provides fisheries compliance monitoring, business intelligence and vessel tracking and reporting solutions.
Our suite of GPS tracking, Satellite communication, on-board video cameras, AI that runs on the vessel, and Electronic Logbook systems are designed for the extreme marine environment.

The solution is complete from start to finish; our systems are created by us and installed on-board the vessel. Through our innovations, the data collected is saved internally and shifted to on-shore servers effortlessly over a wireless connection.

Robust, pressurised, Argon-purged marine housing
Integrated GPS recording of the vessel track
Automated wireless transfer of footage

SolarVMS – solar powered tracking and Satellite communication

The SnapIT SolarVMS is built using a revolutionary combination of technology to provide a unique solar powered tracking and Satellite communications tool.

This unique technology enables you to track vessel activity in real time. With cost effective transmission from anywhere in the world and the ability to connect your phone or tablet to send customized data via an app.

Access to online management portal
Simple installation, no wires!
Options to suit your reporting needs

The SnapIT AIHub provides on vessel reliable SSD storage of video, data transmission and on vessel AI for analysing data.
With this unique technology based on cutting edge, custom made AI hardware is very compact and allows you to manage your vessel cameras. Built in cellular communication for transfer of video data, AI customised to your requirements and manual data transfer options available.

Powers multiple cameras, pressure, RFiD sensors, GPS and cellular communication
Flexible wireless connectivity for management via a phone or tablet
Rugged and dependable
Customizable AI to suit your site specific requirements
Device integration customised to suit your site specific requirements

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