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Sea Warden tackles critical data gaps within the seafood industry by leveraging satellites and AI to monitor global aquaculture activity. Our mission is to advance the sustainability of farmed seafood, starting with shrimp.

Monitoring aquaculture with satellite technology

We initially developed satellite monitoring as a way for seafood certification programs to remotely conduct audits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, satellite monitoring is a versatile tool for seafood producers and feed companies. With the ability to remotely determine farm performance for every farm in a portfolio, companies can reduce risk and achieve sustainability goals, by optimizing deployment of resources and technical services.

Independent data for accurate farm performance assessments

Satellite observations enable us to automatically detect shrimp ponds, know when production is starting, and estimate time of harvest. We can observe pond fallowing, a best practice that reduces disease risk, as well as detect early pond emptying, an indicator of disease outbreak. We estimate farm performance based on productivity (crop yield), consumption (feed, energy, water), generation of waste, and proximity to critical natural resources (ocean, mangrove, protected habitat).

One farm or a million—share locations and we’ll do the rest

We provide satellite monitoring as a service— using AI to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Satellite monitoring compliments humans on the ground and farm-based sensors by giving farmers early warning of activity occurring outside the farm: disease outbreak, wastewater discharge, and crop forecasts.

Our Goals

Connect farmers to resources and opportunities

We provide actionable insights to farmers that help them boost yields while reducing crop failure. Satellite monitoring can drive transformative impact within the aquaculture industry by improving farmer access to capital by providing critical data needed to de-risk investments.

A global map of aquaculture

If more than half the world’s seafood comes from aquaculture— why don’t we have a global map of aquaculture yet? By building the world’s most advanced satellite monitoring system for aquaculture, we’re working to make a global aquaculture map a reality.


Site Monitoring
Farm scale insights— for producers, processors, feed suppliers, and certifiers

Historic performance audit (12-36 month history)
Optimize farm performance, reduce risk
Generate traceability data, streamline audits
Active monitoring (weekly updates)
Improve farm management with hazard alerts and crop forecasts
Optimize deployment of field teams
Region Monitoring
Landscape scale insights— for feed suppliers, processors, governments, NGOs

Farm search: identify farms to join your service or program (targeted sales)
Crop forecasting: predict crop availability to expand sourcing options
Atlas: pond-level data for regional planning and management

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