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ScaleAQ – Mercatus

ScaleAQ is a result of 40 years of experience and consists of Steinsvik and Aqualine
We are an international company within aquaculture and provide innovation, technology, and equipment to fish farmers around the world.
With our experience and unique set of products and services, we aim to be the world’s leading supplier of technology and infrastructure to both land and seabased aquaculture. We are a partner and advisor for developing land- and seabased aquaculture projects with an unbroken history within aquaculture for 40 years. Our solutions are based on deep maritime knowledge from harsh conditions. With our unique portfolio of products and local presence, we are hands-on and stand by our customers.
ScaleAQ creates growth in aquaculture.
We do that by producing and delivering digital technology, engineering, infrastructure and services in a dependable, sustainable and innovative way. We establish, optimize and upgrade aquaculture facilities. Our services are divided into four divisions that integrate in co-creation and customer focus; Service, Seabased, Landbased and Digital.
ScaleAQ’s strength lies with our people.
We are proud to employ 900 of the most competent, solid and innovative brains within aquaculture. Solid people make solid sustainable business, for our customers and for ScaleAQ. Local presence means strong relations, being there, rubbing shoulders and solving challenges hands-on.
We are aquaculture

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ScaleAQ – Mercatus
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