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Savitri Aquamonk

At Savitri Aquamonk, we believe in technology led solutions to aquaculture farming especially for monitoring the L. Vannamei shrimp culture. Established as a partnership between Savitri Shrimps, a large farmer in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and Thybolt Technologies, a Hyderabad based Electronics design house, the team develops best management and technology adoption practices combining the expertise in aquaculture, sensor based electronics and the software development, for conceptualizing, testing and deploying innovative solutions. As a part of our efforts, we are building solutions to integrate the technical and operational data under one roof to provide aquaculture farmers with access to dashboards for remote real-time monitoring of their ponds. Pond Monitoring
The device continuously measures the parameters and pushes the data set onto our software platform every 5 minutes. The data is then utilized in the analysis of changes to each of the parameters, correlation between them, and provide an alert based information guideline to users for ensuring the conditions are maintained for the optimal growth of the shrimp.

The efficiency of the alerting system is further magnified through big data analytical tools developed to provide predictive analytics based on patterns established within the pond as well as in similar environments. Using machine learning algorithms, advisory shall be provided on technical operations, like suggestions on certain chemicals required to maintain the quality of water and soil, and negate the effects of any unfavorable conditions. Ambient Sensors
Our in-house built sensor based electronics are focused to provide the farmer with the tools to monitor the quality of the water, soil, and weather on real-time basis at each of the Shrimp ponds. The devices are designed to be deployed in-situ to collect and update instantaneously the set of key parameters necessary to analyse and predict the water, soil and weather conditions.ERP Solution
Our specialized ERP package for the Aquaculture Industry is a comprehensive solution developed through our in-depth understanding of the farming practices, especially the culture of L. Vannamei shrimp. The graphical analytic tools, as a part of the ERP software, will assist the farmers in drawing solutions and a detailed understanding of various aspects and also provide the user with an overview of the operational and financial metrics related to each crop. These features enable the farmers in taking a thoroughly informed decision on the crop management and astute financial planning.

The large farmers can draw additional benefits from data derived by interlinking of several modules like the inventory reports with the daily pond operations data to predict inventory utilization rate, which can aid in just-in-time inventory planning. The tracking of the accounts payable with clear timelines ensures optimal management of costs related to debt financing of the operations.

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