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Agribusiness/Food Processors
OpsSmart agribusinesses and food processors customers include multibillion-dollar complex operations, small farms and pack-houses. OpsSmart customers demand a premium price for the products by demonstrating that not only are their products safe but they are a premium product

Key OpsSmart benefits to agribusiness/food processors customers include:

Ability to trace and track each CCP throughout the entire supply chain
Ability to trace ingredients and raw material prior to receipt and the ability to trace the finished product through various middlemen to the retailer
If there is a problem, rapidly and narrowly recall all products affected by the problem
By providing trade partners and information on their products, OpsSmart customers demand a higher price for their products
OpsSmart customers can rapidly comply with all audit requests from regulatory bodies and trade partners

OpsSmart’s retail customers require their suppliers to provide food safety and quality information prior to the products being shipped to the retailer. Retailers also use OpsSmart for competitive advantages.

The centralized portal mechanism enables retailers to enforce upload and collection of suppliers’ information in a uniform and standardized format while enabling suppliers to either upload data on-line or using the Electronic Data Exchange facility whenever and wherever needed.

Key OpsSmart benefits to retail customers include:

Ensuring the food supply chain is safe and of the highest quality and meets all regulatory, industry and retailer requirements
Complete visibility of the food supply chain
know where all raw materials, ingredients and finished products are in the supply chain at all times
Know the quantity of products in the supply chain at all times to anticipate shortages and oversupply of products
If there is a problem with a food product, the retailer can rapidly trace the problem to the source as well as determine what other products may be affected
OpsSmart QR codes allow retailer to educate the end consumer
Proper cooking instructions
Allergens in the food
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