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Instant Labs

The Hunter Real-Time PCR® system: rapid, simple and affordable pathogen detection Delivering quality food products in the shortest amount of time, while ensuring safety, is crucial to your success. Let the Hunter® System from InstantLabs help you by providing accurate, easy-to-use pathogen detection at your facility. Fast and Efficient InstantLabs’ integrated Hunter® System is designed to drastically reduce the time and labor required to test food and environmental samples for harmful pathogens and adulterants. This means reduced costs and increased remaining shelf-life by allowing your product to be cleared faster and easier than previously possible. Simplified Testing Whether you’re testing food products or the equipment you use to process it, InstantLabs has simplified protocols ensuring the safety and purity of your product and your production plant. And because the system is designed with your busy schedule in mind, you can trust that your results are right and on time, every time. Integrated Point-of-Need Solution Lightweight. Rugged. Integrated. The Hunter® Real-Time PCR system was built to take anything you can throw at it. The small, portable machine is fully integrated, controlled via a touch-screen, and quick to set-up—just plug it in and turn it on. In minutes, you’ll be ready to start a test. Contact us to see how the Hunter system can improve your efficiency.

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Instant Labs
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