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With 250 employees worldwide, Innovasea provides full end-to-end solutions for fish farming and aquatic species research – including quality equipment, expert consulting services, and innovative platforms and products that deliver unrivaled data, information and insights. Precision Aquaculture
What is precision aquaculture? It’s a fully integrated system that combines:

Heavy-duty submersible pens, hardware and equipment
Intelligent sensors, cameras and environmental monitoring equipment
Efficient underwater feeding systems that minimize loss
Subsea communications networks and cloud storage
Intuitive software that simplifies procedures and decision-making
Predictive modeling and machine learning to help improve results
With precision aquaculture you get a comprehensive solution that’s suitable for deeper waters and easier to dial in for optimal production. And that means healthier fish, robust harvests, less impact on the environment and better return on your investment. A Data-Driven Approach
Fish farming is entering a new era, one where day-to-day decisions need to be based on empirical data and analytics rather than past practice, gut instinct and best guesses. By embracing new tools and technologies to better understand their complex operations, today’s farmers are saving money, reducing mortalities and becoming more efficient.

But in order to succeed with this data-driven approach, you need to start with accurate information – and that requires powerful monitoring tools backed by robust analytic capabilities.

That’s where Innovasea comes in. We’re taking environmental, biological and physical monitoring to new levels with our advanced aquaculture intelligence solutions, which provide unparalleled real-time visibility into every aspect of your operation. Innovative New Camera with Artificial Intelligence
The solution centers around our groundbreaking biomass cameras – rugged, submersible cameras that feature stereoscopic imaging and an embedded, artificial intelligence engine in a single, stand-alone unit. The camera images a statistically significant sampling of fish swimming around in the pen and measures the size and weight of each individual fish. Using species-specific biological data, it then calculates the overall biomass in the pen with statistical confidence.

Not only does that data help you establish efficient feeding formulas and amounts during grow-out, but it gives you powerful information on the range of fish sizes in your pen and how many there are of each – crucial information when it’s time to negotiate prices with buyers. Innovative IP Cameras and Machine Learning Capabilities Help You Optimize Feeding
Keeping fish fed is the single most important part of any farming operation. Eliminating lost feed days and improving feed conversion ratios (FCR) can be the difference between a profitable growing season and one that just breaks even.

aquaculture intelligence secondary IP camera
Multi-Factor Feeding
Innovasea’s feed optimization solution enables you to make data-driven decisions on the spot by taking a multi-factor approach to feeding that considers:

Environmental conditions – Dissolved oxygen, water temperature and currents all play a key role in proper feeding. By monitoring these and other parameters in real time, you can quickly determine ideal feeding times.
Satiation – Our satiation monitoring capability combines machine learning with species-specific data to track fish feeding behavior and alert operators when fish are approaching satiation. That removes the guesswork from a complicated task and eases the burden of monitoring dozens of pens at the same time, ultimately making operations more efficient and reducing feed costs.
Pellet detection – Our best-in-class IP camera, which captures clear video in stunning HD, and sophisticated live streaming network deliver unparalleled visibility into subsea feeding, giving you present insight into whether pellets are being ignored by the fish and sinking to the bottom of the pen. This adds another layer of important information into your decision making and protects you from wasting feed.

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