Pioneered by IdentiGEN, DNA TraceBack®️ is the most advanced food traceability platform in the world, bringing valuable trust by accurately tracing food from fork to source. Only DNA TraceBack®️, using nature’s own barcode (DNA), can precisely cut through complex supply chains and trace beef, pork, poultry, seafood and processed protein with 100% accuracy. Trace it. Trust it. Taste it. IdentiGEN is now a proud member of the MSD Animal Health Group, with offices worldwide, supported by IdentiGEN owned laboratories in Ireland, the UK, Switzerland and North America.

Building trust is in our DNA

DNA TraceBack® from IdentiGEN gives leading food companies the opportunity to make trust a competitive advantage
Driven by increased concerns about how animals are raised and processed, today’s consumers are demanding greater transparency and assurances of the integrity, quality and sustainability of their food sources. Consumer desire for a more just, transparent and sustainable food system is now fully mainstream.

Producers, processors, retailers and brand owners are looking for accurate traceability that provides full accountability to protect their brand’s reputation, justify premium positioning in the market and meet consumer demand while being costeffective at scale.

The complexities of today’s protein supply cause challenges for standard product tracking. DNA TraceBack® cuts through this complexity, providing an unprecedented level of supply chain transparency to inspire consumer confidence using the basic building blocks of all life — DNA.

Confirm the exact source of seafood products

Sustainably sourced seafood requires traceability

Operating from our wholly owned network of laboratories in multiple international markets, DNA TraceBack® from IdentiGEN delivers traceability solutions at the scale and accuracy the seafood industry requires.

Today, a growing number of global retailers, processors and aquaculture clients use DNA TraceBack® to verify the exact farm of origin of their seafood products with unprecedented accuracy, even when the product has been processed or cooked. This level of traceability and transparency helps the aquaculture and seafood industry strengthen its reputation for sustainability and reassures customers that products have been ethically and sustainably produced.

The sustainability of oceans’ fisheries is vital for the conservation of marine ecosystems, global food security and nutrition of a growing population. In collaboration with the Uppsala University (Sweden), MSD Animal Health presents a real-world solution to address the global need for sustainable food production and marine conservation. By harnessing the precision of whole genome sequencing, the DNA TraceBack® Fisheries platform provides policymakers and regulators with the tools they need to determine and monitor catch limits and quotas more effectively across a range of fish species including cod, herring, horse mackerel and sprat.

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