For more than 20 years, aquaManager has been offering integrated software solutions and technological innovation in the fastest growing food-producing industry around the globe, #aquaculture. A major protein source destined to feed the world, thereupon in dire need of hoping on and riding the digital revolution wave.

Our mission is to enable aquaculture professionals throughout the marine and all inland water environments to realize their full potential. Whether we are reaching out to entrepreneurs, investors or good old fish and shrimp breeders.

The tipping point is now. Build trust with our scalable software agility and our dedicated specialist team.
Gain real-time access to a wealth of information previously unattainable and digitally transform your business today. Optimize and control your biomass production process and drastically increase the sustainability and profitability of your aquaculture facilities.

Better feeding management, healthier populations and resource efficiency.

Aquaculture can be sustainable.

AquaManager Is An Integrated Fish Farming Software

Make The Right Decisions

In the aquaculture industry, making the right decisions about production cost, quality and scheduling at the right time can mean the difference between profit and loss. But tomorrow may be too late. To control your production process for maximum profitability, you must be able to respond correctly to a wide range of production realities right now, in real-time.

aquaManager provides you that kind of control. It is a comprehensive, integrated fish farming software for optimizing your entire production process, reduce costs and improve the management of your company. It supports all stages of fish production, from hatchery up to when your fish farm is ready for harvesting.

Real Time Production Control

aquaManager is a unique fish farming software that provides unprecedented visibility and control over the full range of variables driving the success of your production process — cost, quality, volume, scheduling, and profitability—as they occur. You’ll understand what is happening, why it’s happening, as it happens.

aquaManager is a comprehensive, integrated software solution for improved efficiency in aquaculture industries. It is a complete fish farming software that supports all stages of fish production, from hatchery to harvest.








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