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The AKVA photofish concept is based on photo analysis of fish samples. You can do measurements on the fish directly at the site. AKVA photofish gives you fat- and color values on each fish. You’ll get the results instantly in your email. Could it be more efficient?

With this tool you can get important quality assured information about color and fat levels throughout the entire growth period. Development of fat and color, along with environmental data related to each generation at each site, provides a unique opportunity to better exploit the growth potential of the fish.

By analyzing the data, look at the variation in the current test and further plans for operation, you can adjust the feeding a lot more accurate than before. The basis for decisions on color additives in feed is made more accurate based on more presice and updated data.

The measurement board is passed through the Photofish box and photographed. The actual measurement process is automated and controlled by the software.

Analyzing made easy

Samples are cut from the NQC cutlet and placed on the test tray ready for photography. You do not have to send the NQC cutlets to a laboratory for analysis, you avoid transportation and get the results straight away. Fish data and images are sent to a server for image analysis, then a AKVA photofish certificate is sent to the user by email. The information on the AKVA photofish certificate can be retrieved into AKVA group’s AKVA fishtalk control software as a quality test.

The Photofish certificate contains:

  • Single individuals salmophan color value
  •  Single individuals percentage of fat content
  • Condition factor for each individual
  • Estimation of astaxanthin content based on statistics
  • Calculated average values
  • Screenshot with photo of 10 fish samples
  • Approval of Nofima







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