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Acctivate Inventory Software is a solution for small to medium sized manufacturers, distributors and online retailers outgrowing the inventory capabilities of QuickBooks. Acctivate’s bi-directional integration allows businesses to stick with QuickBooks and grow with Acctivate by expanding the parameters of inventory control, warehousing, order management & fulfillment, purchasing, decision-making, customer service and more. Acctivate delivers a wide range of tools, including specialized inventory capabilities, i.e., lot and serial number traceability, mobile warehouse management, landed cost and more to make business operations seamless and efficient. Real-time inventory insights help businesses track inventory levels at any location and across all sales channels, i.e., in-store and online, make better purchasing decisions and expedite order processing and fulfillment resulting in happier, long-term customers. Acctivate also boosts warehouse operations and removes bottlenecks with features such as customizable pick lists, and virtual warehouse layout tools to efficiently utilize labor. Multi-channel sales capabilities including eCommerce and EDI, plus integrations to popular shipping platforms and carriers enable businesses to simultaneously meet the needs of customers while growing the customer base. Centralized data for all company insights, including consumer and purchasing history allows businesses to deliver better customer service. User permission controls aid management in keeping finances confidential while sharing necessary inventory information to optimize internal communications The Acctivate team is passionate about providing technology to promote small business growth and success. Effectively managing business from the inside out is important to the longevity of a company. We value each connection we make through our knowledge of business, technology and accounting and believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success.

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