ACCSP: eTrips

Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program: the principal source of marine fishery statistics for the Atlantic coast

To be the principal source of fisheries-dependent information on the Atlantic coast through cooperation of all program partners

Produce dependable and timely marine fishery statistics for Atlantic coast fisheries that are collected, processed and disseminated according to common standards agreed upon by all program partners.


  • Accurate data are required for good fisheries management decisions
  • Coordination and collaboration among the program partners are essential for success
  • The Program must be responsive to the changing needs for fisheries data
  • Processes must be open and transparent but confidential data must be protected
  • Data shall be accessible and easy to use. Responsibilities should be matched with available resources

We work with our program partners to…

Standardize fisheries data collection.
Data Collection Standards guide partner data collection activities by defining how data should be collected and reported. These standards help ensure consistency across fisheries datasets, making collaborative data solutions possible.

Streamline reporting and processing.
We work with partners to make fisheries-dependent data reporting easier, more accurate, and more efficient. These applications are all housed within ACCSP’s Standard Atlantic Fisheries Information System database.

Make data accessible.
ACCSP integrates all fisheries-dependent data for the Atlantic coast into a single user-friendly database, the Data Warehouse. The Warehouse ensures that different stakeholders coastwide are presented with the same dataset.

Encourage innovation.
We support further innovation in fisheries-dependent data collection and management technology through our annual funding process. We fund Partner data projects based on their potential to help achieve Program goals.

Trip Reporting Applications for Catch & Effort Data from Harvesters:

ACCSP’s eTrips/Online application allows fishermen to create and submit commercial, party/charter, or recreational trip reports via a web browser. Interactive reports can be made to illustrate progress and history of catch and effort.

eTrips/Mobile is the mobile version of ACCSP’s eTrips application that allows captains to capture their catch and effort data while at sea, independent of a full-time internet connection. This application is compatible with Windows 10 (PC), and both Apple/Android phone and tablet platforms.





Bycatch Monitoring
Electronic Logbook
Electronic Reporting


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ACCSP: eTrips
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