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Zebra FX9600-82325A50-WR RFID Reader

The FX9600 delivers the exceptionally high RF sensitivity required to deliver the greatest accuracy and longer read ranges – even in the densest of RF environments where metals, liquids and other challenging materials are present.

The FX9600 can host embedded applications, simplifying and reducing deployment time, cost and complexity while increasing network bandwidth.

Product Details

Max Receive Sensitivity: -86 dBm monostatic
Frequency (UHF Band): Global Reader: 902 MHz - 928 MHz (Also supports countries that use a part of this band), 865 MHZ - 868 MHz
US (only) Reader: 902 - 928 MHz
Communications: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (RJ45); USB Host & Client (Type A & B); Serial (DB9)
General Purpose I/O: 4 inputs, 4 outputs, optically isolated (Terminal Block)
Antenna Ports: 8 monostatic ports; (Reverse Polarity TNC)
Processor: Texas Instruments AM3505 (600 MHz)
Memory: Flash 512 MB; DRAM 256 MB
Zebra FX9600-82325A50-WR RFID Reader
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