Rice Lake 920i® Series Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller

The 920i® weight indicator and process controller blends revolutionary user interfaces, total flexibility and processing performance with the simplicity of a basic weight indicator. A crisp, highly customizable LCD graphical display, programmable softkeys and industry recognized electronics are surrounded by a virtually indestructible enclosure to create one of the industry’s most trusted weight indicators and process controllers.

Product Details

Display: LCD module with adjustable contrast 4.6 × 3.4 in
Keys/Buttons: 27-key membrane panel, tactile feel, PS/2 or USB port for external keyboard connection
Digital I/O: Six I/O channels on CPU board
Communication Ports: Four ports on CPU board support up to 115,200bps
Port 1: Full duplex RS-232
Port 2: RS-232 with CTS/RTS; PS/2 keyboard interface or USB type A and B connectors
Port 3: Full duplex RS-232, 20mA
Port 4: Full duplex RS-232, 2-wire RS-485, 20mA
Power Consumption: 25W
Rice Lake 920i® Series Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller
Rice Lake
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