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Rice Lake 720i™ Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller

The 720i indicator/controller proves its ability to control more processes, more equipment and more information than other basic models. Automate entire systems by commanding batch formulation, inventory management and traceability. Capture and store weight data, link more peripheral equipment and do it all with ease. The 720i design presents an operator keypad in either universal or panel-mount enclosures. Programmable softkeys and operator prompts offer more functionality and control for busy industrial settings.

Product Details

Display: 240 × 64 pixel, transflective LCD
Keys/Buttons: Ten-key (panel mount) membrane panel
Digital I/O:: Eight channels on CPU board; optional 24-channel I/O
Power Consumption:: 25 W
Analog Signal Input Range:: -10 mV to +45 mV
Rice Lake 720i™ Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller
Rice Lake
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