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Zebra ZT23043-T01A00FZ Barcode Label Printer

A smart choice for carrying out high volume label printing in multiple areas with reduced cost of ownership.

The printer is capable of printing sharp and detailed monochrome documents quickly and wirelessly from your mobile devices.

Product Details

Print methods: direct-thermal or thermaltransfer (optional)
Print Color Capability: Monochrome
Maximum Print Speed: 6”/152 mm per second
Maximum Print Width: 4.09”/104 mm
Maximum Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Network & Communication: Wireless LAN
Display Screen: LCD

The ZT23043 model of Zebra’s label printers is suiteable for big volume label printing. The bigger rolls are cheaper to purchase and will need to be replaced far less often during normal operation.

Convenience-wise, roll-based systems are a little more challenging to refill compared to cartridge-based systems

Zebra ZT23043-T01A00FZ Barcode Label Printer
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