ThisFish launches world’s most extensive software directory for the seafood sector

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ThisFish Inc., a Vancouver-based company providing software and artificial intelligence to the seafood industry, has launched the world’s most extensive online directory of software, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies for the seafood sector, from ocean to plate. The directory, located at, contains almost 350 software companies which can be searched by more than 60 different filters. 

“We’ve launched the Seafood Software Directory to help the global industry find the technologies they need for their digital transformation journey,” says Eric Enno Tamm, Co-Founder and CEO of ThisFish Inc. “In the last five years, there has been an unprecedented explosion of new digital technologies for the seafood sector. The software market is getting crowded and confusing, and so a comprehensive directory will help the industry navigate this diverse market.”

In the last five years, 135 new seafood software companies have been launched, representing 40 percent of the directory’s total listings. Over the past decade, 307 new companies were founded, representing 91 percent of all listings. The directory contains 103 companies (30 percent) using artificial intelligence, either machine learning, neural networks or computer vision, and 28 companies (8 percent) powering their software with blockchain. 

The directory is divided into sectors including aquaculture, fisheries, traceability, online marketplaces, quality/verification, and seafood processing. It also includes non-commercial software applications from government, academia and nonprofits. 

Users can easily search the directory by company name or use a menu of about 60 filters to find what they are looking for. Filters include types of sensors, sector functionalities, specialization, geographic market, country and technologies. Each company has a detailed profile with links to their corporate website and LinkedIn pages. 
ThisFish plans to continue to update and expand the directory, including adding cold chain technologies, database APIs, and more in the future.

Software companies can provide feedback to ThisFish to update their profile or request to be added to the directory using this link:


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