Share the story of your products

Your customers are hungry to know the story of their seafood. Build their trust by sharing your data through TallyTrace mobile app.

Market your great traceability story

Tally is best-in-class traceability software for the seafood industry tracking raw material to finished products. TallyTrace is our supply chain transparency module.  You can easily share traceability data with your customers through a seamless integration with our TallyTrace mobile app.

  • Fully integrated into Tally platform for easy data sharing
  • Select the products and data you want to share with your customers
  • Customize TallyTrace with your own logo, colours and fonts

How TallyTrace works

TallyTag is the most versatile temperature monitor on the market, enabling tracking of shipments, delivery vehicles, storage locations, water tanks and machines for preventative maintenance.

Digitize your traceability data

Select which products and what data you want to share using our Tally software.

Label products with QR codes

Label traceable products with unique QR codes that can be scanned by your customers.

Custom brand the mobile app

Customize TallyTrace with your own branded logo, colours and fonts to market your traceable products.

Build consumer trust through transparency

Market surveys show that consumers value transparency about where their seafood comes from, especially given all the headlines about seafood fraud, forced labour, illegal fishing and “notoriously opaque” supply chains. We conducted our own consumer survey, and the results are clear: consumers perceive traceable products to be more sustainable, local and trustworthy. And there’s a willingness to pay more.




Book a demo today and see for yourself how TallyTrace will revolutionize your traceability processes.


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