Drive profit and sustainability with better data. Digital, Real-time, Actionable

The killer app for
seafood processors.

Our AI-enabled digital helper can automate many tasks and run predictive analytics using machine learning algorithms.








Simple to use, easy to configure.

Digitize all your workflows in real-time.

Automate data collection with connected devices. Monitor live dashboards. Receive SMS and email alerts.


Cut your costs

Digitizing data has never been easier. Abolish paperwork. Save time with electronic reports. Simplify and automate data collection.

Have real-time control

Monitor production quality control and inventory workflows with live dashboards. Take quick, corrective action to prevent costly mistakes.

Trust your compliance

Strengthen traceability and compliance to new industry standards with automated reports. Eliminate data errors, reduce risk and build trust.

Our Customers

Product videos

Case Studies

National Fisher’s Co-op Belize
Strengthening traceability to meet market demand
Electronic traceability enables efficient tracking and reporting of catches to meet regulatory and market data demands.
Tuna Paradise Co, Ltd.
Driving business and traceability value from inventory automation & digitization
Smart factory technology in this tuna processor is improving business intelligence through real-time production data and inventory control.
A table full of processed seafood with a worker in the background
MMP International Co, Ltd.
Pioneering digitization in a Thai tuna cannery
Real-time digitization enables robust traceability and improves tracking of production lots, yields and process control in the cannery.


"I think TallyVision could be a game changer. The sheer volume of quality data is unprecedented."
Dave MacKinnon
President and Owner, Orca Specialty Foods Ltd.
"ThisFish Tally has greatly simplified the data collection and retrieval process and reduced the time taken to conduct a full product trace."
Gareth McKeown
Technical Manager, World Wise Foods (UK)
"With Tally, I can now monitor hourly output and yields in real-time. The software gives me peace of mind on accurate key performance metrics for our bottom line."
Raju Kalai
President, Tuna Paradise Co Ltd.
"Tally increases our efficiency and improves time management. It betters our accountability and transparency, preparing us for new market demands and more stringent traceability."
Paulino Rodriguez
Chairman, Belize National Fishermen Cooperative


Leading industry innovation

As an industry leader, ThisFish Inc. has gathered accolades for our innovative work and commitment to more sustainable global seafood supply chains.

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