Artificial Intelligence

Meet the smartest digital droid in the “tuna-verse”.

Predict and automate with artificial intelligence

TallyBot is our AI-enabled digital helper that can automate many tasks and run predictive analytics. Think of TallyBot as the R2-D2 of seafood processing.

Here’s what TallyBot can do –>



TallyBot can quickly calculate yields, mass balance, productivity, shrinkage and more in real-time.


TallyBot can be programmed to trigger SMS and email alerts when incidents occur or tasks completed.


TallyBot can use TallyVision to classify fish by size, colour and defects. For more info, see TallyVision.


TallyBot can call third-party databases to verify data such as fishing licence or certification status


TallyBot can check tasks, processes and materials against customer specifications to prevent mistakes.

Learn more about how TallyBot helps you retain oversight and reduce calculation and processing errors. Watch our 2-minute Tally Teaser.

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