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We understand that anything that looks good on paper, looks better in motion. We’ve produced a number of short Tally Teasers (with more to come) to immerse you in the world of Tally and introduce you to its powerful features.

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Anyone who’s followed us for a while know ThisFish is at the forefront of seafood’s digital revolution. Traceability is a core foundation of that philosophy — but where exactly does one start their digital discovery, especially in an industry which is keen to stick to their papers?

Our CEO presented with CityAge’s The Data Effect on building digital Futures. Canada is a leading power in the digital data landscape, bringing us in the unique position to help forge data standards, ethics and openness, benefiting everyone involved.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is part of our daily lives from facial recognition to Amazon’s delivery algorithms. Even traditional industries, such as agriculture, are using weather, satellite and soil data to train algorithms to optimize crop yields.

Originally held on September 21st, 2022 at

In this 50 minute webinar, you’ll hear the story of ThisFish Inc., a trailblazing force to revolutionize the seafood industry with its cutting-edge seafood traceability software and artificial intelligence.

Committed to advancing the social, environmental, and financial sustainability

What is business intelligence or BI as it’s called? It’s two things: First, it’s about having real-time data to make better decisions quicker.

Second, it’s about analyzing data trends over time to understand what’s hurting or helping your business. The challenge is that most data is disconnected: some is stored in


Understanding how Tally works is actually quite easy, seeing for yourself is even easier.

More and more consumers are demanding to know where their products come from and are they socially and environmentally responsible.

Seafood fraud, illegal fishing and forced labour—nobody wants those on their dinner plate.

TallyTrace is our solution. Traceability is at the heart of our Tally software. You can link raw materials to

Meet TallyTag, our new generation of affordable and versatile cold chain sensors, suited for a wide range of applications such as refrigerated delivery trucks, water tanks, regular cold storage and long-haul shipping containers.

TallyTag connects wirelessly using the LoraWAN protocol and can autonomously send and receive data, providing you real-time data

Documentation is everywhere in the seafood industry: catch certificates, captain statements, export permits, traceability reports, and so on.

Photos are often taken to document quality and compliance problems too. These files typically end up in a labyrinth of hard-drive folders that’s hard to search and share.

We’ve solved this problem by enabling


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