TunaSolutions is an online centralised marketplace specifically designed for the B2B tuna industry. We connect buyers and suppliers through a series of real-time auctions and de-risk international trading opportunities to create a ubiquitous, fair trade ecosystem that allows any buyer, to buy from any supplier, any time.

By removing the supply chain inefficiencies, we maximise the value of every tuna harvested from the ocean!

TunaSolutions was born out of a successful commercial tuna company that caught and traded sashimi grade tuna across the globe. Innovation has always been at the heart of TunaSolutions’ whereby the founding members successfully pioneered the export of fresh sashimi grade tuna from the small-scale sector in South Africa.

Today, TunaSolutions focuses on eliminating the inefficiencies within the fragmented tuna supply chain by de-risking trade opportunities with new international partners through our proprietary online marketplace. The marketplace connects buyers and suppliers through a series of real-time auctions, bringing visibility to global supply and demand. Our technology provides a fully integrated grading, traceability and training solution to ensure that product quality is maximised and transparency is maintained throughout the supply chain. By creating solutions to cultural, financial and logistical barriers, TunaSolutions allows suppliers to get their tuna onto high paying markets, gives traders access to a wider buying audience and buyers the opportunity to choose suppliers that better meet their requirements.

To support fisheries development, TunaSolutions identifies, develops and delivers a suite of expertise through our technical services program to help cultivate the development and build capacity within new and existing fisheries. This support is aimed to bridge the gap between producers and market expectations focusing on: improved capture techniques, product handling, processing procedures, product development, sales & marketing in an effort to maximise value of every fish and create unprecedented market access. TunaSolutions also works closely with buyers to assist in developing their preferred fisheries through the delivery of technical expertise that secures sustainable, traceable supply chains.

Our mission is to: “maximise the value of every fish that is harvested from the ocean”

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