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Teem Fish Monitoring Inc. is a Canadian social enterprise whose focus is on the design and delivery of efficient and effective electronic fisheries monitoring programs. We build on the experience and expertise of our majority owner, Ecotrust Canada, in fisheries policy, and marine and electronic monitoring, and on our partnership with Snap Information Technology (SnapIT) to develop and deliver innovative high-tech fisheries monitoring solutions to fish harvesters, fisheries managers, and resource dependent communities.

Electronic Fisheries Technology for Vessels

EM Technology

The use of innovative electronic fisheries monitoring (EM) technology is possible through our strategic partnership with SnapIT.

Fishing vessels can be equipped with customized, robust data capture hardware, including cameras with 360 degree pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities that can capture high-definition video and on-board systems that can remotely transmit data to shore.

SnapIT technology also includes the integration of Artificial Intelligence in both data capture and analysis software that reduces data review and storage requirements.

The EM systems are customizable by design. We work with fish harvesters to design their system so it’s the best fit for their needs.

Electronic Fisheries Reporting and eLogs

Our electronic logbook (eLog) solutions have been custom designed for us by Pinpoint Earth. They meet all federal requirements and the user interface was designed with direct input from fishermen to create a user friendly product. Our eLog app is fully approved and in use by the New England Multispecies Groundfish Fishery.

Our eLog app is fully approved and in use by the New England Multispecies Groundfish Fishery. Using the Department of Fisheries national technical standards and fisheries specific requirements, we are working to develop, test and get approval for two Canadian eLog versions by the end of 2021.

The eLog app can run on a tablet or smartphone, and can be connected to an EM or VMS system on the boat. Electronic logbooks are more efficient for fish harvesters to use and result in decreased data entry errors.

Who we are
For fish harvesters who need a cost effective and convenient solution to meet their regulatory requirements, Teem Fish is a federally designated fisheries monitoring service provider that delivers advanced electronic monitoring solutions to make it easy and efficient to capture and report reliable, unbiased and verifiable fisheries data.

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eLog – Teem Fish Monitoring
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