With more than 40 years of experience, CSB-System is the leading provider of software solutions for the food industry. Our industry specific fully integrated solutions provide our global client base with long-lasting competitve advantages by increasing efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing profits.
The right software for your industry
Software can only create its greatest effect and generate the greatest value if it covers the specific requirements of the industry and replicates its processes. This is why CSB offers specialized software for the food industry. CSB founder Dr. Peter Schimitzek recognized that already back in 1981, when he launched one of the first specialized ERP systems for the food industry. Step by step, in more than 1,000 projects, CSB’s ERP system has been extended in line with the industry requirements. Today, it is the leading comprehensive system for the food industry.
The right software for your requirement
We believe that an ERP system should adapt to the development of your company, and not the other way round. The ERP is the heart of your IT and the central nervous system of tomorrow’s Smart Factory. Being the innovation partner of our customers, we have developed the CSB-System for 40 years now. INDUSTRY ERP, FACTORY ERP or BASIC ERP: The CSB-System meets all industry-specific requirements, is upward compatible and can be flexibly extended in the ways our customers choose.
CSB Industry ERP

CSB INDUSTRY ERP does: Optimally geared to the requirements of your industry, CSB INDUSTRY ERP as industry-specific turnkey solution covers all areas of the value chain, vertically and horizontally. Your entire company is optimized and perfectly geared towards further digitization.

CSB Factory ERP

With CSB FACTORY ERP, you take advantage of the industry-specific ERP system for optimally controlling factories in corporate groups and holding companies. As a supplement to your Group ERP, CSB FACTORY ERP portrays the entire primary value creation from production and logistics. Standard interfaces to your Group ERP ensure a stable, flexible and integrated system landscape. CSB FACTORY ERP is Factory Software of the Year 2018.
Then our CSB BASIC ERP is exactly the solution you need. Specifically for small and medium-size companies, the industry skills of the internationally successful CSB-System is available as industry-specific turnkey solution. It gives you access to more than 40 years of industry expertise from over 1,200 installations and state-of-the art software technologies.

About CSB
CSB-System SE is the leading industry specialist for the process industries of food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and trade. As a one-stop provider of software, hardware, services and business consulting, we optimize the business processes of our customers and create significant competitive advantages with our CSB turnkey solution. Learn more about the CSB group of companies.

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