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Eric Enno Tamm

Eric Enno Tamm

CEO and Co-Founder of ThisFish Inc.
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Mowi: 4.0 digitalization, automation to transform value chain in salmon farming

The world’s largest salmon farmer based in Norway describes a data-driven future in which operations are digital, automated and optimized by artificial intelligence. The company is currently running three projects on advanced imaging and intelligent sensors for monitoring, digital lice counting and autonomous feeding.

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The Guardian newspaper reveals seafood fraud happening on a vast global scale

A Guardian Seascape analysis of 44 recent studies of more than 9,000 seafood samples from restaurants, fishmongers and supermarkets in more than 30 countries found that 36 percent were mislabelled, exposing seafood fraud on a vast global scale. 

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Seafood tracing app Tracey integrates blockchain and finance for small-scale fisheries

WWF Philippines has teamed up with a Finnish blockchain developer TX, real-time data solution Streamr and some financial institutions to launch Tracey, a seafood tracing app. Tracey helps small-scale fishers gain access to finance by sharing verified data on their catch. The trade data is used by lenders to ascertain creditworthiness and offer suitable micro-finance based on the eligibility of the borrower.

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Tuna brands slammed for “glacial” progress in addressing labour abuses

A new report on labour abuses in the tuna-fishing industry points to “sustained abuse of workers” aboard vessels. Published by the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, the report, titled “All At Sea: An Evaluation of Company Efforts to Address Modern Slavery in Pacific Supply Chains of Canned Tuna,” found labour-abuse issues were worsening as a result of increased demand for tuna during the global COVID-19 crisis, which has forced vessels to stay at sea for longer intervals.

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