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OnLogic Helix 500 Intel Comet Lake Industrial Edge Computer

Helix 500 packs Intel® 10th Gen Comet Lake Core processing into a fanless, solid state platform engineered for the challenges of edge computing environments

Product Details

Processor: Core i5 (i7 for Large)
Memory : 8 GB (Small and Medium) 16 GB (Large)
Primary Storage Drive: 128 GB (Small) 256 GB (Medium) 512 GB (Large)
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth & Cellular Antennas: 2 x Wi-Fi - Dual Band Terminal Antenna, 161mm (6.34")
AC Adapter or Terminal Block Power Input : 1 x 120 W Power Supply with 4-pin Connector, North American Power Cord
Auto Power On: 1 x Auto Power On
Mounting : 1 x Wall Mounting Brackets - Silver
Assembly & Validation: 1 x Standard Build (ships in 3-5 business days from parts availability)
Warranty : 1 x 2 Year Standard Warranty
OnLogic Helix 500 Intel Comet Lake Industrial Edge Computer
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