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TrazApp (WWF)

It is an Electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability System (eCDT) developed by WWF-Peru together with the actors of the artisanal fisheries supply chain, including fishers, intermediaries, processing plants and government entities. TrazApp is an electronic multi platform that has free mobile applications and web platforms compatible with Android, IOS, Windows for the different types of actors in the sector (skippers, vessel owners, intermediaries, fishing landing sites, plants, among others) that allows generating, transmitting and store fishing information in real time. This system was created with the aim that anyone within the supply chain can access, share and interconnect information on fishing activity digitally in order to contribute to the sustainability of artisanal fisheries. ¿QUÉ ES TrazApp? ¿POR QUÉ SE CREÓ TrazApp? WHY WAS TRAZAPP CREATED? TrazApp was created in response to the current demand from international markets for a system that guarantees the legal origin of the fishery resource. In addition, as a tool that allows the sector to comply with national regulations, which guarantees sustainability. DEMAND FROM INTERNATIONAL MARKETS Currently international markets are increasingly aware and require that a fishery product comes from sustainable fisheries and that they have traceability that guarantees the legal origin of the resource.

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TrazApp (WWF)
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