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Smart Oyster

SmartOysters – keep the farm on track, with the SmartOysters App!
SmartOysters is farm operations software uses uses GPS technology to present information that is most relevant to you.

Our platform allows farmers to record stock movements, automatically schedule farm tasks and manage workflow through a simple intuitive interface. It is designed to be customisable, scalable and to automate data collection as much as possible. SmartOysters includes comprehensive reporting dashboards .
SmartOysters was designed by farmers for farmers. Powered by your farm’s operational data.

Benefits of SmartOysters include:
– An intuitive and automated data collection application backed by a world class data analytics team.
– For Farm Operations: Less time collecting data and more time farming smarter. No more double handling!
– For Farm Management: Making the right decisions, with the right information at the right time. In real-time.
– For Farm R&D: Less time analysing data and more time solving the right problems right first time.
– For Farm Investors – Greater visibility, reduced risk, and faster returns.
SmartOysters was founded by Ewan McAsh and Philip Browning with the goal of ‘getting the farmer off the farm’ and ensuring the farm business is digital-ready. It has achieved that and more in a very short space of time. SmartOysters is now recognised globally as an innovative and trustworthy solution.

Our intuitive and automated data collection application is backed by world class data analytics team.

For your Farm Operations team this means less time collecting data and more time farming smarter.

For your Management team this means un-precedented visibility of operations – real time reporting for real time decision making.

For your Research & Development team this means less time analysing data and more time solving problems.

For your Investors this means greater transparency, significantly reduced risk and faster returns on investment. Never miss a beat again.
Simply put… oyster farming can be overwhelming.

With SmartOysters, never miss another grade, never forget that broken line, always know what is out on your lease… and when it’s ready to sell.

SmartOysters not only makes farming easier but also makes it more productive and profitable.

Any farm… any size.
It is incredibly easy to use and suitable for any farmer of any farm size! Whether you’re a hobbyist to a large scale operation… SmartOysters will make your life easier!

We are incredibly cost-effective for any farm of any size!

No on-boarding fees

Free trial

Cancel at any time

No hidden costs

Incredible support & we’re here to stay.
We are a trusted industry partner and are known for our exceptional customer and community support!

Feel safe that your farms’ data is secure and firmly in your hands.

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Smart Oyster
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