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Shellcatch provides a monitoring platform with software, hardware and IT support to transform the way fisheries are monitored, managed and how fishers engage customers. There is a fundamental mismatch between how organizations are monitoring fishing activity, how fishers are selling their product, and the way consumers actually want to shop and buy these products from them. With Shellcatch, you can obtain data directly from the fishing process, create reports, analyze videos, calculate fishing effort, configure species lists, alert fishing season closures, while fishers can let consumers know about their fishing in the most efficient way possible and connect to the market. To make this possible, Shellcatch has evolved to create a suite of innovative products: eReporting, Virtual Observer and eMarketing.


There’s a better way to control your fisheries

Shellcatch has developed 3 types of cameras that adapt to all the needs of the fishing industry get yours for the activities you want to monitor:

Vessel Camera. The most advanced video and GPS logging system in the cloud that allows the collection, analysis and management of data extracted from fishing activity
Coastal Camera. With Coastal Camera you will have the only all-in-one system that allows you to efficiently detect illegal activities on your shoreline
Scale Camera. An intuitive system that facilitates the work of weighing your products by managing the most relevant aspects of your fishing


Digitize your fishing trip information

The eReporting platform allows governments, NGOs and communities to communicate and track fishing data efficiently.

Data quality. Improve the quantity and quality of fishing information through catch surrenders.
Improve management. Increase technical data management tools for decision support. These tools also allow governments to efficiently monitor and manage.
Catch limit monitoring. Through the annual monitoring of catch limits, it will be possible to obtain better monitoring of fisheries.
Near real-time information. Replace paper landing reports with an electronic management platform.
From anywhere. Manage your fisheries from anywhere through mobile and web Apps designed for all types of fleets.
Statistics and reports. Manage your fisheries from anywhere through mobile and web Apps designed for all types of fleets.


Commercialization of products from the sea fully verified, tracked and legal

Commercial differentiation for your business
Through Shellcatch fisheries management and control tools, companies can validate and show their responsible fishing practices to end consumers

Unique QR for your company
Both electronic reporting and tracking applications create a unique level of traceability and marketing assurance of actual fishing activity in the ocean, connecting with unique QR codes

eCommerce and Marketing
QR codes allow end users to view video footage of their capture, geospatial information, and additional customizable company marketing materials. Shellcatch has also generated a unique e-commerce technology that incorporates these attributes to the markets of Chile, Ecuador and Belize.

Shellcatch develops e-commerce platforms that incorporate unique attributes specialized for local markets. We have implemented e-commerce experiences in Chile, Ecuador and Belize

Do you want an eCommerce platform that utilizes traceability technology to ensure responsible and legal fishing?

Shellcatch technology gives small, medium and industrial fishermen an e-commerce platform where the fishing trip and electronic report can be viewed. In addition, through a QR code, all the fishing information can be accessed, allowing end consumers to know what was fished, where, and by whom.

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