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Seatouch (Ridium)

Founded in 1985, Ridium Technologies, Inc. supplies the seafood industry with cutting edge, Touch Screen based, perishable food software. Ridium Technologies SeaTouch™ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software includes comprehensive touch screen applications for processing/manufacturing, warehousing, pick/pack/invoicing, truck routing, summary to source gross profit analysis, and key performance indicator (KPI) analysis. SeaTouch also includes a parameter driven pricing engine to handle the unique needs of pricing perishable food. It includes our Zero Labor™ Quote System which, when coupled with the SeaTouch Pricing Engine, provides customized quotes, emailed and faxed to thousands of customers and prospects simply with the click of a mouse. SeaTouch Sales Order Processing is the fastest order entry system in your industry, In addition, SeaTouch includes inventory, a full accounting suite and a General Ledger financial report writer. By focusing solely on the unique needs of seafood companies, Ridium Technologies is able to provide specialized seafood accounting and food management software that allows seafood processors, distributors, and importers to uncover hidden profits within their businesses.

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Seatouch (Ridium)
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