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Seafood Demand

Want to buy seafood products or want to sell products “THINK SEAFOODDEMAND.COM”​ !! WHY BECOMING A GOLD MEMBER ON SEAFOODDEMAND.COM WEBSITE? “We are a leading private B2B e-commerce SEAFOOD company in Viet Nam, established in August 2011 with purpose is help all people/companies around the world, who would like to buy and/or would like to sell seafood products, have a perfect website for trading.” 1. Sign Unlimited product with Priority Display at the highest level (always precede product of free Members in the search results). Products can always be found and selected first priority. 2. Stick Logo Gold Member right products for sale 3. Exclusive and immediate access to the bids of the importer posted on SeafoodDemand.com daily. 4. Get 3 FREE Advertising Package to maximize your product exposure! Apply Gold Member Now and receive 3 different advertising packages for up to 12 months! • Featured product: Top Rank Feature will enable your products to display on top of SeafoodDemand when buyer search for your product related to your offer • Featured Suppliers (logo on the Homepage): Increase visibility to buyer when search for authentic suppliers of your Industry • Random exposure (picture and intro text of your main products) on 30 days in the right column of selling offers pages: Increase visibility on our customer search through direct advertisement on product page and improve your chances to get quality inquires for your product 5. Product Based Website: Website designed to optimize exposure of your product, hosted on your selected domain name, supported to design banner. 6. Donate 3000 trustpoint for all your products right now, the company will be confirmed globally and enhance the value and quality of your products 30 times than those of FREE MEMBERS. 7. Special gift from Seafooddemand that will be sent to you immediately is a list of more than 2,400 mails of the importers from Europe, South America, Noth America, Africa, Asia and Oceania

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Seafood Demand
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