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Remora Technologies

Right now it is hard to monitor small boats because of the cost, installation, energy and fidelity of vessel monitoring systems (VMS). Most governments only track the big boats, not even the medium size for the reasons mentioned before. Traditional systems to monitor fleets are set on medium to large vessels, and usually use Satellite Communication or AIS. Satellite is expensive and AIS is limited too.

We developed an economic IoT geolocalization device and through the Fishing Data Platform analyze where are the boats fishing and cross analysis to the type of boat, the permit given, and the fuel being granted, if applies. In technology REMORA presents a significant advantage through three main characteristics: communication, installation, and energy. In REMORA we are using passive GSP, a plug-play installation, and self-energy generation.

Everyday consumers are seeking more information about their food than ever before. They are willing to change their consumption habits for products that provide transparency, freshness, fair trade and sustainability practices.

A traceability solution interface that links the fishermen and the consumer “ from the sea to the plate”. Through the Marketplace, fishermen can also get relevant feedback from consumers, and help build relations between consumers and the fishing communities down to single fisherman. The Marketplace is the cornerstone for fishermen to get compensated for their good practices, therefore expanding responsible practices and improving artisan fishing culture in the coastal communities.

To enhance the interaction of the fishermen to the tool, the app not only connects to consumers, but also shows relevant information as fish price information, weather alerts, and fishing advice.

This is the data intelligence and visualization platform that will compile the information of the different Remora hardware and software, helping analyze the situation of the fisheries, the fishing effort, and the consumer behavior, among others. This data will help monitor catch, fish breeding cycles, percentage of catch and by-catch, fishing effort and the correlation to weather conditions, moon phases and tides, among others. This information will be crucial for several stakeholders, from policy makers down to the fishermen, to make informed decisions and then act on them. The platform would be a revolutionary tool that could change the way fisheries are managed by analyzing fishing “big data”.

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Remora Technologies
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