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PescaData is a mobile application, designed by and for people dedicated to fishing, that will help facilitate the recording and storage of your daily catches and expenses. You will also be able to interact and achieve impact at scale as a sector.

Your catches up to date and data at the moment.

Join the digital ecosystem of Mexico’s 300,000 small-scale fishermen!

Connect, share, communicate and start with the change.

PescaData is a free and interactive mobile application that provides you with the digital service of a fishing log. Allowing you to keep control of your fishing day in a simple way.

In PescaData you will find options to connect with other fishermen and organizations, offer your products, services and knowledge in the market, seek solutions to common problems, and record the catch volumes, weight, length, expenses, prices of your products, among others. data.

PescaData will help you keep records of your daily catches, recording your fishing effort, your target species of fishing, expenses invested in trips, capture sites, and more. This will improve your fishing data collection process, speed up the review and analysis of your information, always having the availability of your information at hand and at the moment.

With the systematization of your information, you will be able to have basic information on the resources you capture and you will be able to contribute your data to small-scale fisheries. In addition to promoting and contributing to the collection of fishing data, you will contribute to the knowledge of the species and fisheries in Mexico.

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