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Pelagic Data Systems

Providing data solutions for fisheries around the world

Pelagic Data Systems

PDS sets the global standard for vessel tracking by bringing custom-made hardware, advanced data analytics, and expertise to fisheries world-wide. Our technology platform is designed from the ground-up to bring data insights to every fishing vessel in the world.

Solutions for all needs

Whatever the scale of your fleet, we can apply our technical expertise and years of experience working with governments, industry, and fishers to help you turn data into solutions.

Protected Areas
PDS can provide comprehensive monitoring and analysis of vessel usage, compliance and behaviors with respect to marine preserves and other restricted-use areas. Metrics and alerts can be customized for each individual zone of interest to measure and monitor compliance with local and individualized regulations (such as gear-type restrictions, usage regulations, etc.).

Supply Chain Insight
We provide full ocean to consumer traceability solutions that are completely interoperable with your existing supply chain tools. In addition to gaining transparency into the sources of product and how it was caught, we can help you to monitor how that product was treated at sea and verify the integrity of the cold-chain.

Analytics for any need

Our secure analytics platform can integrate data from PDS trackers and add-on sensors with any external data source. Beyond simple tracking, our analytics team will work with you to identify the most relevant ways to use the data you already have.

All Your Vessel Activity In One Place
See the entire history of any or all of your vessels at any time in our online dashboard. Filter trips by any number of factors like vessel community, permit status, or incursion into marine protected zones.

Bring Your Own Data
Whether you have a database with a robust API, or need help designing a data collection system, we can provide a geospatial context to any data store you have

More Than Just Location
In addition to real-time snapshots of fishing activity, learn how fishing activity changes over time and find patterns in vessel behavior.

Tracking for every boat

All of our hardware is designed from the ground up for fishing boats, and custom-built to work reliably and automatically on any size vessel.

Built For The Real World
Our rugged, ultra-light Vessel Tracking System unobtrusively records vessel behavior on even the smallest canoe. Unlike other systems, it requires neither vessel power nor any action by the fisher, and can be installed by anyone with a screwdriver.

Automatic From The Start
The VTS automatically self-activates and connects to the PDS network when it is installed. Solar powered and entirely self-contained, it requires no maintenance, and uploads world-wide automatically.

In order to provide more than just vessel tracking, the VTS can create an encrypted wireless network to collect data from PDS add-on sensors like temperature loggers and gear immersion sensors.

Data collection can be provided for custom sensor solutions as well as your needs require.

Better Data, Actionable Insights
Our VTS devices were designed in conjunction with our cloud analytics platform. By efficiently collecting orders of magnitude more data than traditional tracking systems, PDS can identify patterns and behavior that were previously invisible.

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