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Ocean Eyes Co., Ltd.

OceanEyes has developed and offered as a service a technology for estimating the current and future conditions of oceanographic conditions, such as ocean temperature and the direction and strength of tidal currents, and a FishTech technology for predicting good fishing grounds based on such oceanographic condition predictions. OceanEyes’ hydrographic prediction technology is a method in which a supercomputer calculates hydrographic conditions based on a numerical model of oceanophysics, and data assimilation technology that assimilates the numerical model and actual observation results enables highly accurate prediction. The system is capable of predicting ocean areas such as islands and inland seas with a resolution of 2 km mesh, which is more detailed than the 10 km resolution commonly used today. In the future, we are working to improve the model with the aim of predicting sea conditions in the hundreds of meters. We are also developing OnSpot sea condition prediction technology that can predict sea conditions near fishing vessels on demand in the hundreds to tens of meters by combining data measured by sensors mounted on fishing vessels. It is expected to be useful for actual fishing operations of fishing vessels such as netting. We are also developing a technology to remove clouds from satellite observation data and restore seawater temperature data at a high speed by using deep-sea learning image restoration technology for satellite observation data, as a method to provide seawater temperature more frequently than simulation using a supercomputer, which takes time to calculate. It is now possible to provide seawater temperatures two hours earlier. Furthermore, by combining the ocean temperature patterns observed by these satellites with the actual operation records with location information, we are learning the skills of veteran fishermen and developing a technique to estimate the fishing grounds where fish are most likely to be caught in the current sea conditions. Ocean Eyes provides solutions to these social issues based on our previous development of FishTech, and aims to realize “Sustainable fisheries for fishers and the earth”.

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Ocean Eyes Co., Ltd.
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