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Legit Fish is a seafood traceability solution that increases the value of seafood products in the domestic commercial fishing industry, maintains seafood sustainability in our oceans and enhances food safety standards for the consumer.

For years, the Seafood industry has been plagued with illegally caught, imported seafood products that erode the market value of domestic seafood products and jeopardizes the food safety standards that consumers are entitled to.

Working in conjunction with the US Government and domestic Commercial Fishing companies, Legit Fish’s patented pending technology generates unique tracking identifiers, that provide confirmation that the seafood species, catch location, and volumes are accurate and credible as they move along the supply chain.

Seafood dealers, processors, retailers, and their customers can use the Legit Fish interactive platform to verify that their seafood product is a local and sustainable harvested fish and not an illegal, imported substitute.

Our Comprehensive Traceability System

Capture, Track, and Verify. For Real.

Legit Fish is the first seafood traceability solution that closes every loophole in the supply chain. No data element slips through, no detail goes unverified. Our process-agnostic platform and service-centered approach ensure truth and transparency at every phase and create meaningful differentiation and demand at the point of sale. Traceable is no longer enough. Truth is what matters.

Transparency & Consumer Connection

The chain of truth begins here. Vessels, fleets and farms committed to transparency and compliance choose Legit Fish to accurately capture and integrate their data at the point of harvest, flow it through the supply chain and ultimately deliver it in an engaging way t

Compliance & Reporting

Dealers, offloaders and processors rely on Legit Fish tools to efficiently manage the flow of data from the farm or vessel to dock and seamlessly integrate it into their own accounting, government reporting and sales modules.

Traceability & Authentication
Legit Fish’s proprietary process ensures that all specs and certifications exactly match the product that is delivered and sold to retailers, restaurants and end consumers.

Consumer Engagement
Consumers want and deserve to know what they’re buying–and may pay more when they know its origin and that it has been third-party verified. Legit Fish’s process inherently builds consumer preference and demand through data transparency and product storytelling that consumers will trust and seek out.

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