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VesselBot – Route optimization; FleetOne VMS: Powering connectivity at sea for over 40 years, we know exactly what’s at stake when sailing across the world’s oceans. It’s our mission to keep you connected, anytime, anywhere, without compromise. From container ships and LNG carriers to fishing vessels and leisure yachts, we strive to bring you unrivalled end-to-end satellite communications you can rely on regardless of what vessel you operate.

Fearlessly innovating we never stop extending possibilities. With our next generation of high-speed connectivity, we’re opening up a new world of digitalisation at sea. Powering a revolutionary ecosystem of cutting-edge applications designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you want to streamline vessel operations, optimise your route planning or just phone home, we are there for you, always. Delivering a truly global service you can rely on voyage after voyage.

Built on the foundations of safety, our solutions are trusted by hundreds of thousands of mariners every single day to provide a critical lifeline when disaster strikes. We are proud of our heritage and continue to innovate and support the highest standards of maritime safety. With over 99.9% network availability, you can rely on us no matter what. Saving lives at sea since 1979.

Find fish faster From the Barents Sea to the South Pacific; from the Grand Banks of Newfoundland to the tropics of the Gulf of Thailand – we’ve been powering global mobile satellite communications for the world’s fisheries for over 40 years. We know exactly what’s at stake when your quotas are compromised and tough conditions could risk your catch. Stay one step ahead of prevailing conditions with a satellite connection you can rely on without fail, regardless of the size of your vessel. Uninterrupted real-time access to the latest fishing reports, oceanographic data and weather updates can make all the difference to the profitability of your catch. Easily track fuel consumption, engine performance and maintenance updates to improve route planning and drive vessel efficiencies. Open up a new world of instant communication from onshore teams, offshore surveillance and onboard sensors. Whether you’re in charge of a small-scale tuna purse seiner, a commercial shrimp trawler or a traditional wooden long tail boat, Inmarsat can help you plot the best course to find fish faster and smarter. Instant catch reporting Report on and sell fish faster! Stay connected day and night to your onshore team and instantly update your e-log book with catch details. No need to keep arduous time-consuming paper-based files. Transfer catch information online much quicker than your rivals, sell faster to get the best possible price for your catch no matter where in the world you are. Keep costs at bay With Fleet Xpress you can be assured of an always-on seamless connection regardless of your location. With the highest levels of availability and unlimited FleetBroadband backup guaranteed, you and your crew can rely on continuous connectivity even in the most dangerous waters without compromise. Be in control of your plans and bandwidth costs with flexible, scalable and fixed cost packages designed for changing seasonal demands. Know exactly what you’re using and never be faced with an unwieldy bandwidth bill again. RELATED SERVICES Fleet Xpress Open up a world of possibilities at sea with the world’s most advanced global high-speed mobile satellite broadband network. Read more FleetBroadband Globally dependable always-on satellite connectivity. Connecting the world’s fleets for over 12 years. Read more Crew Xpress Dedicated crew bandwidth to boost morale onboard while maintaining business-critical communication. The easy way to connect your crew to the gold standard in connectivity. Read more Fleet One The cost-effective choice for basic voice and data communication. Flexible packages for global and coastal voyages. Read more Contact the Maritime Team Keep crew connected Being physically distanced from family and friends needn’t affect your crew’s well-being at work. With Fleet Hotspot we’re introducing a flexible, easy-to-manage Wi-Fi hotspot to your vessel. Powered by our industry-leading Fleet Xpress service, Fleet Hotspot gives crew access to high-speed connectivity.

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