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Since 2001, Inecta has focused primarily on Microsoft Dynamics. Over the past decade of implementations, we’ve accumulated a massive amount of product knowledge and insight. We can apply that experience to a wide range of business scenarios to solve almost any problem. Some of our veteran consultants have over 20 years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics. They still get excited every time they streamline yet another business process. Quality over Quantity We’ve maintained a highly focused shop over the years to ensure quality. As a result, we’ve adopted many orphaned customers who have been shortchanged by the large, revolving door type, consultancies. Microsoft regularly turns to us as part of their escalation group for very difficult implementations. We’ve pretty much seen (and done) it all! Our Methodology First of all, we like to cut through old fashion project management and quickly get to the heart of what your business is about. We look to see how we can add value by increasing efficiency within as many business processes as possible through automation. To get you to that point we start with the solid foundation provided by Dynamics 365 Business Central. Then we build upon that foundation using solid, proven add-ons and customizations. The result is a tailored solution that exceeds initial expectations. That’s because its flexibility allows Business Central to grow as you grow and accommodates any changes that come with that growth.

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